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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Posted by Joshua

Just got back from a camp that my girlfriends parents run.

About four times a year they run camps for 7-9 year olds at risk, it was pretty cool out at the location they had this time. The leaders are 16-25 year olds and each has about 5-7 kids in their team, throughout the whole time you're responsible for them and doing random activities and fun things during the day. It is a Christian camp for those who're skeptical but what do you people think about it?


Sebastian said...

i don't like any religious favoritism, they should live by what the bible says if they believe in it not by what they think the bible says, making bible camps for christians is just "holy-er than thou" attitude

Randy Weezner said...

good to know somebody is helping the community.

RoodNverse said...

i think its cool whats so skeptical about it , wait one damn minute....theres no popes there are there.....

Joel C Anatoli said...

I like the idea of helping the community.

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