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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another day another dollar

Posted by Joshua

Currently waiting to hear from the Earthquake commission here to see if they'll give me a grant for hardship due to the Earthquake causing some trouble here in my living situation.

In the meantime I bring you the famous Internet Explorer vs Firefox...

Heres one persons opinion...

"As I am a web developer, I cannot give you an unbiased review of FF v IE. I can, however, tell you why people are of the opinion IE sucks so much.

The W3C create web standards. These standards make sure that in every browser, the website you view will look the same. These standards specify the syntax of each command, where they can be used, what modifiers you can use with them, and so on, so forth.

IE has never played well with standards. IE has these quirks that means you can't do specific things that the standards say you can, and every other browser says you can. The IE team has used the fact they have a significant market share to slow down web development by refusing to implement certain languages that would make the web more accessible and better in terms of usefulness.

As a web developer, I end up having to make a site with interactivity and amazing features... and then a second site that works in IE. A dulled down, worse version without any of the HTML5 or CSS3. A site with limited functionality, because that's all IE will do for me.

I hate IE because it makes me take up twice my time to make both a standard and a mediocre version of a site, the mediocre version not even standards compliant by W3C's checker because if I do it right, IE can't display it properly. I hope IE9 will fix this, their first test build looks good, but... with still about 10-20% of all users having IE6, I'm never going to be able to get away from the fact I either have the web savvy crew, on firefox and other browsers, saying 'Needs more interactivity, try using the new languages that <my browser> supports!', or the basic user, not knowing or caring what web browser they use (they just want some web pages) saying 'OMG THIS SITE IZ BROKED 4 MEEEE HELP PLZZZZZ' - both of which are just annoying.

Oh, and from a security standpoint? IE uses this scripting language called ActiveX. It's not a standard. It's a closed source model that IE won't give anyone else. It means if you go to a site that uses ActiveX controls (which have been repeatedly exploited in the past) then if you use anything other than IE... it won't run, and you probably won't be able to use the site. Again, the IE team wanting to make something special for them, and not caring about the loss of compatibility."

What are your guys opinions?


Willow said...

I think I'm against IE because MS won't make it open source. Thats jsut me though.

Ownage tastes like chicken said...

I'm all in for Firefox because it has much better security than IE. Not to mention all the plugins =)

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