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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Rusty Car

Posted by Joshua

Unsure what gave me the idea to put this here, but I drive past it at least once a day...and its always sitting there....Rusted up....with suitcases ontop.

On the back there's a logo saying "Rust isn't a crime."

I'm not even sure if it still goes...

 Content-Aware d' the numberplate off for their safety from nublets.  Although if you're spec'ops you can see the reflection in off my bonnet.


Randy Weezner said...

bro, i was born spec ops...theres a car like that on my street

bigLUCC said...

That would be fun to photograph HDR.

Souf. said...

Haha that's cool.

Hitman said...

cool car!

Charles LeMang said...

The rust adds an extra layer of character to the car, certainly.

Dempsey said...

I love it, brings you back to olden days.

Randy Weezner said...

in my city, the would write a citation up for this.

Amuse said...

lol my car looks like this sadly

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