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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Double Date with two stunners?

Posted by Joshua

 These two lovely ladies have put up for auction two seats right next to them at a U2 concert in New Zealand, along with it you get to go on a date with them!  Checkout below.



Desperately seeking 2 friends/hot babes/nice folk to sit next to us at the first U2 concert. The only catch is you have to purchase your own tickets. Which are selling below! Horray! Fancy that!

These tickets WERE initially purchased in the hope of taking our boyfriends BUT after mitigating circumstances (breakups and the like) we are now on the hunt for two amazing people to take their places.
Now we dont just expect you to bid without listing our qualities which make us probably the most fun people in the world to sit next to at a concert.

Chanel - Chanel is obviously a beauty. Blonde, outgoing with a laugh that makes you want to smile. She has done gymnastics and can wow you with her circus trick (dislocating her shoulder). She knows how to talk and dont you worry every SECOND of the evening will be captured by Chanel-take-lots-of-snaps-Harris.­

Celia - Celia is a breathtaking stunner. Also blonde, with wit and jokes that will keep you amused for hours. Her favourite way of meeting new people is the infamous lip tuck face, something that needs to be seen to be believed. Celias ability to spin a yarn actually won us a trip to Australia with local NZ celebs Fletch and Vaughan from the Edge, so dont be shy give Celia a try!

Dont just purchase regular U2 tickets of hawkers, upgrade to the deluxe option, TWO INSTANT FRIENDS! We also plan to stalk Bono after the concert.. if youre down.. we are down...
You shouldnt let this opportunity pass you by...
Regards, oh and looking forward to sitting next you future pals!

North Stand - Bay 50 Middle
Section: 50M
Row: AQ
Seats: 25 and 26 (RIGHT BESIDE US, YAY!)
Purchase price: $109.90 + BF + $80 U2 Fan Club fee

BUY NOW PRICE... You can't put a price on humans. Or the ultimate experience of U2 plus US.


Source: - Trademe New Zealand - Amazing Double Date!


- Enfermo - said...

Very interisting.... Good Job!

Randy Weezner said...

damn, i'd slamém both

Dilly Skates said...

wut? double date

Mayhem said...

Wow, they look hot, are you going, man?

Potato Skinz said...

Hey neighbour

Stav88os said...

Cool story bro!;)

Trashcanman said...

They'd look good in my basement

DRIFTO said...

hahaha woww

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