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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Computer Chair Broke

Posted by Joshua

So yesterday morning I decided to sit down on my beautiful beloved chair to have it slightly leaning forward... I proceeded to get up and sit down again only to have it on a 90 degree angle, I had a look at the bottom only to realize that the part where its welded onto the mechanism near the gas thing had cracked wide open and was sinking in.

Luckily enough I remembered it had a 5 year guarantee on it, however I couldn't find the receipt (I always keep receipts but I had everything but this!) Today I took it back to the store with a bank printout proving that I bought it only to find out it was something that I'd purchased a few months beforehand (My desk and filing cabinet).

After talking with the guy for about 20 minutes they ended up giving me a whole new chair that's worth 250NZD when the original I got for 160NZD....I believe it was a complete win.

Sorry there's no pictures as I completely forgot about it :D


Anonymous said...

congrats :D get one for me too, i need a new one

Potato Skinz said...

NZD sucks... AUD is much better!

Randy Weezner said...

damn OP, that sucks...i need a new one myself.

JeevesTheHitman said...

Oh man, my chair broke like that not too long ago. I just went ahead and bought a new one though.

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